Surface cleaning


Windows, glass facades

Roofs, gutters

Solar panels

Soffits, roller shutters

Construction components

Many buildings present a challenge for professional cleaners who must adhere to strict security protocols, making such services complex. Facades are made of a wide variety of materials, such as glass, stone, copper, aluminum composite panels and stainless steel. Each of these requires different methods and requirements for cleaning. In addition to façade and glass surfaces, we clean the solar modules of your photovoltaic system as well as individual shapes and components such as soffits, niches, façade recesses, projections and balcony interior surfaces. Our cleaning drones are capable of removing dirt from any surface in an environmentally friendly, efficient and safe manner.

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Surface treatment

Algae removal

Fungus removal

Moss removal

Snow removal on solar panels

Our surface treatment services primarily include algae removal, fungus removal and moss removal on all types of building envelopes. The use of the working drone here is similar to surface cleaning, but is carried out using a different pump technology and a special spraying technique. Using drones eliminates the need for rope work or a sky-lift, providing a safer, more efficient and cost-effective solution than traditional methods.

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Surface testing and inspections

Solar panels




Construction components

Modern buildings such as apartment blocks, office complexes and commercial properties in general have large glass windows, exterior surfaces and, increasingly, solar panels. Due to the height, design and location of these buildings, it can be time consuming and costly to maintain regular maintenance. The use of drones is usually the only option for a comprehensive survey to record damage and document buildings and components. Alternatives such as scaffolding, industrial climbers or manned aircraft are no longer necessary. This keeps costs low and an inspection is completed without long lead or follow-up times.

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