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Are you interested in having the facades or windows of your building cleaned with a drone?
Then you’ve come to the right place. Swiss Drone Services AG can access all outdoor areas flexibly, cost-effectively and quickly!

Flexible Deployment

It requires no pre-installations (scaffolding, lifting platforms and the like) at the time of drone deployment, unlike the usual treatment of building envelopes. At the same time, safety is increased as accident risks caused by working at great heights are avoided.

Cost Efficiency

No pre-installations (scaffolding, aerial work platforms, etc.) are required at the time of drone deployment, in contrast to the usual treatment of building surfaces. At the same time, safety is increased by eliminating the risk of accidents when working at height.

High Performance

Depending on the object and surface, a drone can clean five to ten times faster than a human.

The cleaning performance of a drone is between five and ten times faster than that of a conventional worker, depending on the object and surface. A constant interest in innovation and technology, safety and practice makes it possible to work with drones in a contemporary way.

With Swiss Drone Services, we are always on clean duty for private households, architects, property management companies and the public sector.

We take off for you

The core discipline of Swiss Drone Services AG includes surface cleaning, surface treatment and surface testing. With our commercial work drones, we can reach not only vertical but also horizontal exterior surfaces. Our technology combines all common procedures in one. Be it high-pressure cleaning, low-pressure coating, spray technology or osmosis cleaning of glass surfaces – we enable efficient cleaning of facades, windows, bricks, stone, roofs and other surfaces, while our employees safely take control from the ground.

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